Garage Physics

  • 3D Printer Seeing Heavy Use

    The Garage has had a surge of items 3d printed from art like the bunny peel pictures to parts for alligning lasers. In total hundreds of items have been printed since the maker bot was purchased. This rapid prototyping is greatly increasing the speed at which projects can be done. In addition to a maker bot, two prusa mendel were constructed for development and prototyping different printing methods.

  • Bubble Instability Studies

    Students in the Garage study bubble stability by blowing bubbles and quickly moving the air source away producing a metastable tube of bubble film. The cause is not yet know but is likely to be caused by air vortexes in the tube of bubble film.

  • Sustainable Practices in Garage

    With the support from the Wisconsin Office of Sustainability, Garage has been pursueing more sustainable options for prototyping. The Fillabot will help students reuse the PLA plastic waisted through 3d prints that failed reducing waste and consumption. Failed and old prints will be broken down and redrawn into filament for the Makerbot. The filament must have a tight tolerance on the thickness of the strand otherwise the printer will vary its print thickness ruining the print.

Regular meetings held:

3rd Thursday of the every month in B613 Sterling Hall

All are Welcome